Penn State Professor Collaborates on Topic that Needs to Be Exposed

Against Their WillDr. Judith Newman, associate professor of Human Development at Penn State University (Abington), Allen Hornblum and Gregory J. Dober are collaborating on a topic that makes many uncomfortable, but one that needs to be discussed, the exploitation of children as medical “guinea pigs.”   Their book,  Against Their Will, The Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America comes out in June of this year.

A short six decades ago, American scientists and doctors increasingly made an unthinkable choice: they would use one of the country’s most vulnerable populations, institutionalized children, as grist in the research mill. Against Their Will traces this harrowing story, showing how thousands of children, in hospitals, orphanages, and mental asylums, became the unwilling subjects of experimental studies. They were drafted as “volunteers” to test vaccines, subjected to electric shock, and given lobotomies. They were also fed radioactive isotopes and exposed to chemical warfare agents. The product of many years of archival work and numerous interviews with both scientific researchers and former test subjects, this is an important and disturbing book that finally uncovers a dark chapter of America’s medical/psychiatric history.

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One Response to Penn State Professor Collaborates on Topic that Needs to Be Exposed

  1. Having just read the short description above,this describes nearly exactly what happened here in England in the 1950/60/70s to young girls,mainly girls but also young boys too.The experiments that took place then on the young people destroyed their lives:yet no one will even acknowledge that these dreadful experiments took place here. This needs to be brought to public knowledge very soon and Goverments should put in place compensation for the messed-up lives.

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