Active Earth Monitor Comes to Abington

ImageNext time you are on the first floor of our library, check out the Active Earth Monitor (AEM) kiosk.   The AEM is a customizable computer based earth science display designed for K-12 schools, museums, visitor centers, libraries, and universities. The AEM provides a way to engage audiences with earth science information without spending resources on a large exhibit. The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), working in coordination with NSF’s EarthScope USArray Transportable Array seismic observatory, has loaned Penn State Abington an Active Earth Monitor Kiosk for one year. Dr. Ann Schmiedekamp, Professor of Physics and Division Head for Science and Engineering applied for Abington to be a part of this program.  Dr. Schmiedekamp felt that the kiosk would be a great way for students and faculty to explore the area of Earth science and seismic activity, especially that of the tri-state region.  

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One Response to Active Earth Monitor Comes to Abington

  1. So, simply put, the monitor measures any ground/earth movement in our area?

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